Automate infrastructure on any cloud with Terraform

Infrastructure automation to provision and manage resources in any cloud or data center.

Deliver infrastructure as code

Terraform codifies cloud APIs into declarative configuration files.

Terraform ecosystem diagram
  • Adopt

    Compose infrastructure as code in a Terraform file using HCL to provision resources from any infrastructure provider.

  • Build

    Infrastructure automation workflows to compose, collaborate, reuse, and provision infrastructure as code across IT operations and teams of developers.

  • Standardize

    Establish guardrails for security, compliance, and cost management through role-based access controls, policy enforcement, and audit.

  • Scale

    Extend workflow automation to all teams in the organization with self-service infrastructure as code and integrate with VCS, ITSM, and CI/CD.

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Next steps

HCP Terraform provides infrastructure automation as a service, is free to get started, and has an in-place upgrade to paid option.