Use case

Integrate with existing workflows

Automate infrastructure deployments through existing CI/CD workflows.


Adopting new processes and workflows can be slow and cumbersome

In the cloud, organizations have the challenge of maintaining their existing resources, private clouds, and datacenters while simultaneously developing new applications and services that leverage the public cloud’s benefits. Many enterprises soon discover each cloud provider operates differently and they must choose among a vast array of workflows and processes to consume. 


Easily integrate with existing workflows

HCP Terraform provides a flexible remote runtime environment that can be easily integrated into existing version control systems, CI/CD pipelines, and IT service management interfaces. This level of integration with existing workflows minimizes tooling changes, streamlines the process of getting up and running, and ensures consistency for platform teams and developers alike.

Customer case study

Building at scale

Global project management software leader Trimble eBuilder crafts hard-hitting infrastructure improvements with HCP Terraform..

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Automate infrastructure deployments through existing CI/CD workflows.

Terraform workflow at scale

What is the optimal workflow process for Terraform in a large, multi-team enterprise? Watch this whiteboard video by Terraform co-creator and HashiCorp Co-Founder and CTO Armon Dadgar to find out about the high-scale Terraform best practices.