Use case

Manage virtual machine images

Create multi-cloud golden image pipelines with HCP Packer and HCP Terraform.


Tracking image and build artifacts is cumbersome and time consuming

Tracking base images, their iterations, and their build artifacts across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines can be challenging, particularly when using multiple clouds. The manual work of maintaining images across teams can be redundant and error prone, and takes time away from projects that are core to your business.


Automated image pipeline management

HCP Packer is a multi-cloud artifact registry that tracks images and their iterations, and makes this information available through an API. By codifying commonly used base images as golden images, they can be standardized, secured, and updated using automation.

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Automating image pipelines with HCP Packer

Many teams use Packer and Terraform to build and deploy machine images, but connecting the two isn't always straightforward, especially when dealing with multi-region and multi-cloud deployments. Adding image validation and testing can complicate things further and make it hard to track what images should be used. Join HashiCorp Infrastructure Engineer Caleb Albers to discuss all that and more.