» Verified Modules

Verified modules are reviewed by HashiCorp and actively maintained by contributors to stay up-to-date and compatible with both Terraform and their respective providers.

The blue verification badge appears next to modules that are verified.

Verified module listing

Verified modules are expected to be actively maintained by the Cloud providers. The verified badge isn’t indicative of flexibility or feature support; very simple modules can be verified just because they're great examples of modules. Likewise, an unverified module could be extremely high quality and actively maintained. An unverified module shouldn't be assumed to be poor quality, it only means it hasn't been created by a HashiCorp partner.

Module verification is currently a manual process restricted to a small group of trusted HashiCorp partners. In the coming months, we'll be expanding verification to enable the broader community to verify their modules.

When using registry modules, there is no difference between a verified and unverified module; they are used the same way.