» yandex_vpc_subnet

Manages a subnet within the Yandex.Cloud. For more information, see the official documentation.

» Example Usage

resource "yandex_vpc_network" "lab-net" {
  name = "lab-network"

resource "yandex_vpc_subnet" "lab-subnet-a" {
  v4_cidr_blocks = [""]
  zone           = "ru-central1-a"
  network_id     = "${yandex_vpc_network.lab-net.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • network_id - (Required) ID of the network this subnet belongs to. Only networks that are in the distributed mode can have subnets.

  • v4_cidr_blocks - (Required) A list of blocks of internal IPv4 addresses that are owned by this subnet. Provide this property when you create the subnet. For example, or Blocks of addresses must be unique and non-overlapping within a network. Minimum subnet size is /28, and maximum subnet size is /16. Only IPv4 is supported.

  • zone - (Required) Name of the Yandex.Cloud zone for this subnet.

  • name - (Optional) Name of the subnet. Provided by the client when the subnet is created.

  • description - (Optional) An optional description of the subnet. Provide this property when you create the resource.

  • folder_id - (Optional) The ID of the folder to which the resource belongs. If omitted, the provider folder is used.

  • labels - (Optional) Labels to assign to this subnet. A list of key/value pairs.

  • route_table_id - (Optional) The ID of the route table to assign to this subnet. Assigned route table should belong to the same network as this subnet.

  • dhcp_options - (Optional) Options for DHCP client. The structure is documented below.

The dhcp_options block supports:

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

  • v6_cidr_blocks - An optional list of blocks of IPv6 addresses that are owned by this subnet.

» Timeouts

This resource provides the following configuration options for timeouts:

  • create - Default is 3 minute.
  • update - Default is 3 minute.
  • delete - Default is 3 minute.

» Import

A subnet can be imported using the id of the resource, e.g.:

$ terraform import yandex_vpc_subnet.default subnet_id