» yandex_compute_disk

Persistent disks are used for data storage and function similarly to physical hard and solid state drives.

A disk can be attached or detached from the virtual machine and can be located locally. A disk can be moved between virtual machines within the same availability zone. Each disk can be attached to only one virtual machine at a time.

For more information about disks in Yandex.Cloud, see:

» Example Usage

resource "yandex_compute_disk" "default" {
  name     = "disk"
  type     = "network-ssd"
  zone     = "ru-central1-a"
  image_id = "ubuntu-16.04-v20180727"

  labels = {
    environment = "test"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Optional) Name of the disk. Provide this property when you create a resource.

  • description - (Optional) Description of the disk. Provide this property when you create a resource.

  • folder_id - (Optional) The ID of the folder that the disk belongs to. If it is not provided, the default provider folder is used.

  • labels - (Optional) Labels to assign to this disk. A list of key/value pairs.

  • zone - (Optional) Availability zone where the disk will reside.

  • size - (Optional) Size of the persistent disk, specified in GB. You can specify this field when creating a persistent disk using the image_id or snapshot_id parameter, or specify it alone to create an empty persistent disk. If you specify this field along with image_id or snapshot_id, the size value must not be less than the size of the source image or the size of the snapshot.

  • type - (Optional) Type of disk to create. Provide this when creating a disk. One of network-hdd (default) or network-ssd.

  • image_id - (Optional) The source image to use for disk creation.

  • snapshot_id - (Optional) The source snapshot to use for disk creation.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments listed above, the following computed attributes are exported:

» Timeouts

This resource provides the following configuration options for timeouts:

  • create - Default is 5 minutes.
  • update - Default is 5 minutes.
  • delete - Default is 5 minutes.

» Import

A disk can be imported using any of these accepted formats:

$ terraform import yandex_compute_disk.default disk_id