» yandex_kubernetes_cluster

Get information about a Yandex Kubernetes Cluster.

» Example Usage

data "yandex_kubernetes_cluster" "my_cluster" {
  cluster_id = "some_k8s_cluster_id"

output "cluster_external_v4_endpoint" {
  value = "${data.yandex_kubernetes_cluster.my_cluster.master.0.external_v4_endpoint}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • cluster_id - (Optional) ID of a specific Kubernetes cluster.
  • name - (Optional) Name of a specific Kubernetes cluster.
  • folder_id - (Optional) Folder that the resource belongs to. If value is omitted, the default provider folder is used.

» Attributes Reference

  • description - A description of the Kubernetes cluster.
  • labels - A set of key/value label pairs to assign to the Kubernetes cluster.
  • network_id - The ID of the cluster network.

  • cluster_ipv4_range - IP range for allocating pod addresses.

  • node_ipv4_cidr_mask_size - Size of the masks that are assigned to each node in the cluster.

  • service_ipv4_range - IP range Kubernetes services Kubernetes cluster IP addresses will be allocated from

  • service_account_id - Service account to be used for provisioning Compute Cloud and VPC resources for Kubernetes cluster. Selected service account should have edit role on the folder where the Kubernetes cluster will be located and on the folder where selected network resides.

  • node_service_account_id - Service account to be used by the worker nodes of the Kubernetes cluster to access Container Registry or to push node logs and metrics.

  • release_channel - Cluster release channel.

  • master - Kubernetes master configuration options. The structure is documented below.

  • created_at - The Kubernetes cluster creation timestamp.

  • status - Status of the Kubernetes cluster.

  • health - Health of the Kubernetes cluster.

  • network_policy_provider - Network policy provider for the cluster, if present. Possible values: CALICO.

  • kms_provider - cluster KMS provider parameters.

The master block supports:

  • version - Version of Kubernetes master.
  • public_ip - Boolean flag. When true, Kubernetes master have visible ipv4 address.

  • maintenance_policy - Maintenance policy for Kubernetes master. The structure is documented below.

  • zonal - Information about cluster zonal master. The structure is documented below.

  • regional - Information about cluster regional master. The structure is documented below.

  • internal_v4_address - An IPv4 internal network address that is assigned to the master.

  • external_v4_address - An IPv4 external network address that is assigned to the master.

  • internal_v4_endpoint - Internal endpoint that can be used to connect to the master from cloud networks.

  • external_v4_endpoint - External endpoint that can be used to access Kubernetes cluster API from the internet (outside of the cloud).

  • cluster_ca_certificate - PEM-encoded public certificate that is the root of trust for the Kubernetes cluster.

  • version_info - Information about cluster version. The structure is documented below.

The maintenance_policy block supports:

  • auto_upgrade - Boolean flag that specifies if master can be upgraded automatically.
  • maintenance_window - Set of day intervals, when maintenance is allowed, when update for master is allowed. When omitted, it defaults to any time.

Weekly maintenance policy expands to one element, with only two fields set: start_time, duration, and day field omitted.

Daily maintenance policy expands to list of elements, with all fields set, that specify time interval for selected days. Only one interval is possible for any week day. Some days can be omitted, when there is no allowed interval for maintenance specified.

The zonal block supports:

  • zone - ID of the availability zone where the master compute instance resides.

The regional block supports:

  • region - ID of the availability region where the master compute instances resides.

The version_info block supports:

  • current_version - Current Kubernetes version, major.minor (e.g. 1.15).
  • new_revision_available - True/false flag. Newer revisions may include Kubernetes patches (e.g 1.15.1 -> 1.15.2) as well as some internal component updates - new features or bug fixes in yandex-specific components either on the master or nodes.

  • new_revision_summary - Human readable description of the changes to be applied when updating to the latest revision. Empty if new_revision_available is false.

  • version_deprecated - True/false flag. The current version is on the deprecation schedule, component (master or node group) should be upgraded.

The kms_provider block contains: