» yandex_iam_role

Generates an IAM role document that may be referenced by and applied to other Yandex.Cloud Platform resources, such as the yandex_resourcemanager_folder resource. For more information, see the official documentation.

data "yandex_iam_role" "admin" {
  binding {
    role = "admin"

    members = [

This data source is used to define IAM roles in order to apply them to other resources. Currently, defining a role through a data source and referencing that role from another resource is the only way to apply an IAM role to a resource.

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • binding (Required) - A nested configuration block (described below) that defines a binding to be included in the policy document. Multiple binding arguments are supported.

Each role document configuration must have one or more binding blocks. Each block accepts the following arguments:

  • role (Required) - The role/permission that will be granted to the members. See the IAM Roles documentation for a complete list of roles.

  • members (Required) - An array of identities that will be granted the privilege in the role. Each entry can have one of the following values:

    • userAccount:{user_id}: A unique user ID that represents a specific Yandex account.
    • serviceAccount:{service_account_id}: A unique service account ID.

» Attributes Reference

The following attribute is exported:

  • role_data - The above bindings serialized in a format suitable for referencing from a resource that supports IAM.