» vultr_reserved_ip

Provides a Vultr reserved IP resource. This can be used to create, read, modify, and delete reserved IP addresses on your Vultr account.

» Example Usage

Create a new reserved IP:

resource "vultr_reserved_ip" "my_reserved_ip" {
    label = "my-reserved-ip"
    region_id = 6
    ip_type = "v4"

Attach a reserved IP to a server:

resource "vultr_reserved_ip" "my_reserved_ip" {
    label = "my-reserved-ip"
    region_id = 6
    ip_type = "v4"
    attached_id = "923483"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • region_id - (Required) The region ID that you want the reserved IP to be created in.
  • ip_type - (Required) The type of reserved IP that you want. Either "v4" or "v6".
  • label - (Optional) The label you want to give your reserved IP.
  • attached_id - (Optional) The VPS ID you want this reserved IP to be attached to.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - ID of the reserved IP.
  • region_id - The region ID (DCID in the Vultr API) that this reserved IP belongs to.
  • ip_type - The reserved IP's type.
  • label - The reserved IP's label.
  • attached_id - The ID of the server the reserved IP is attached to.
  • subnet - The reserved IP's subnet.
  • subnet_size - The reserved IP's subnet size.

» Import

Reserved IPs can be imported using the reserved IP SUBID, e.g.

terraform import vultr_reserved_ip.my_reserved_ip 1313044