» Venafi Provider

Venafi is the enterprise platform for Machine Identity Protection. The Venafi provider streamlines the process of acquiring SSL/TLS keys and certificates from Venafi services giving assurance of compliance with Information Security policies. It provides resources that allow private keys and certficates to be created as part of a Terraform deployment.

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» Example Usage

# Configure the Venafi provider (Trust Protection Platform)
provider "venafi" {
    url          = "https://tpp.venafi.example:443/vedsdk"
    trust_bundle = "${file("/opt/venafi/bundle.pem")}"
    tpp_username = "local:terraform"
    tpp_password = "password"
    zone         = "DevOps\\Terraform"

# Generate a key pair and request a certificate
resource "venafi_certificate" "webserver" {
    common_name = "web.venafi.example"
    algorithm = "RSA"
    rsa_bits = "2048"
    san_dns = [
    key_password = "${var.pk_pass}"

# Output the end-entity certificate
output "cert_certificate" {
    value = "${venafi_certificate.webserver.certificate}"

# Output chain CA certificates
output "cert_chain" {
    value = "${venafi_certificate.webserver.chain}"

# Output the private key
output "cert_private_key" {
    value = "${venafi_certificate.webserver.private_key_pem}"
    sensitive   = true

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • zone - (Optional, string) The policy folder for Venafi Platform or zone for Venafi Cloud (e.g. "Default").

  • url - (Optional, string) Venafi URL (e.g. "https://tpp.venafi.example:443/vedsdk").

  • tpp_username - (Optional, string) WebSDK account username for authentication (applies only to Venafi Platform).

  • tpp_password - (Optional, string) WebSDK account password for authentication (applies only to Venafi Platform).

  • api_key - (Optional, string) REST API key for authentication (applies only to Venafi Cloud).

  • trust_bundle - (Optional, string) PEM trust bundle for Venafi Platform server certificate (e.g. "${file("bundle.pem")}" ).

  • dev_mode - (Optional, boolean) When "true" will test the provider without connecting to Venafi Platform or Venafi Cloud.

» Environment Variables

The following environment variables can also be used to specify provider argument values: