» vcd_network_isolated

Provides a vCloud Director Org VDC isolated Network. This can be used to create, modify, and delete internal networks for vApps to connect. This network is not attached to external networks or routers.

Supported in provider v2.0+

» Example Usage

resource "vcd_network_isolated" "net" {
  org = "my-org" # Optional
  vdc = "my-vdc" # Optional

  name    = "my-net"
  gateway = ""
  dns1    = ""

  dhcp_pool {
    start_address = ""
    end_address   = ""

  static_ip_pool {
    start_address = ""
    end_address   = ""

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • org - (Optional; v2.0+) The name of organization to use, optional if defined at provider level. Useful when connected as sysadmin working across different organisations
  • vdc - (Optional; v2.0+) The name of VDC to use, optional if defined at provider level
  • name - (Required) A unique name for the network
  • description - (Optional v2.6+) An optional description of the network
  • netmask - (Optional) The netmask for the new network. Defaults to
  • gateway (Required) The gateway for this network
  • dns1 - (Optional) First DNS server to use.
  • dns2 - (Optional) Second DNS server to use.
  • dns_suffix - (Optional) A FQDN for the virtual machines on this network
  • shared - (Optional) Defines if this network is shared between multiple VDCs in the Org. Defaults to false.
  • dhcp_pool - (Optional) A range of IPs to issue to virtual machines that don't have a static IP; see IP Pools below for details.
  • static_ip_pool - (Optional) A range of IPs permitted to be used as static IPs for virtual machines; see IP Pools below for details.

» IP Pools

Static IP Pools and DHCP Pools support the following attributes:

  • start_address - (Required) The first address in the IP Range
  • end_address - (Required) The final address in the IP Range

DHCP Pools additionally support the following attributes:

  • default_lease_time - (Optional) The default DHCP lease time to use. Defaults to 3600.
  • max_lease_time - (Optional) The maximum DHCP lease time to use. Defaults to 7200.

» Importing

Supported in provider v2.5+

An existing isolated network can be imported into this resource via supplying its path. The path for this resource is made of orgName.vdcName.networkName. For example, using this structure, representing an isolated network that was not created using Terraform:

resource "vcd_network_isolated" "tf-mynet" {
  name              = "my-net"
  org               = "my-org"
  vdc               = "my-vdc"
  gateway           = "COMPUTE"

You can import such isolated network into terraform state using this command

terraform import vcd_network_isolated.tf-mynet my-org.my-vdc.my-net

NOTE: the default separator (.) can be changed using Provider.import_separator or variable VCD_IMPORT_SEPARATOR

After importing, if you run terraform plan you will see the rest of the values and modify the script accordingly for further operations.