» vcd_independent_disk

Provides a vCloud Director independent disk resource. This can be used to create and delete independent disks.

Supported in provider v2.1+

» Example Usage

resource "vcd_independent_disk" "myNewIndependentDisk" {  
  vdc             = "my-vcd"

  name            = "logDisk"
  size            = "33000"
  bus_type        = "SCSI"
  bus_sub_type    = "VirtualSCSI"
  storage_profile = "external"

resource "vcd_vapp_vm" "web2" {
  vapp_name     = "${vcd_vapp.web.name}"


  disk {
    name = "${vcd_independent_disk.myNewIndependentDisk.name}"
    bus_number = 1
    unit_number = 0

  depends_on = ["vcd_independent_disk.myNewIndependentDisk"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • org - (Optional) The name of organization to use, optional if defined at provider level. Useful when connected as sysadmin working across different organisations
  • vdc - (Optional) The name of VDC to use, optional if defined at provider level
  • name - (Required) Disk name
  • size - (Required) Size of disk in MB. On read this values isn't refreshed.
  • bus_type - (Optional) Disk bus type. Values can be: IDE, SCSI, SATA
  • bus_sub_type - (Optional) Disk bus subtype. Values can be: buslogic, lsilogic, lsilogicsas, VirtualSCSI for SCSI and ahci for SATA
  • storage_profile - (Optional) The name of storage profile where disk will be created

» Attribute reference

Supported in provider v2.5+

  • iops - (Computed) IOPS request for the created disk
  • owner_name - (Computed) The owner name of the disk
  • datastore_name - (Computed) Data store name. Readable only for system user.
  • is_attached - (Computed) True if the disk is already attached

» Importing

Supported in provider v2.5+

An existing independent disk can be imported into this resource via supplying its path. The path for this resource is made of org-name.vdc-name.disk-id For example, using this structure, representing a independent disk that was not created using Terraform:

resource "vcd_independent_disk" "tf-myDisk" {
  vdc     = "my-vdc"
  name    = "my-disk"

You can import such independent disk into terraform state using this command

terraform import vcd_independent_disk.tf-myDisk org-name.vdc-name.my-disk-id

After importing, if you run terraform plan you will see the rest of the values and modify the script accordingly for further operations.

» Listing independent disk IDs

If you want to list IDs there is a special command terraform import vcd_independent_disk.imported list@org-name.vdc-name.my-independent-disk-name where org-name is the organization used, vdc-name is vDC name and my-independent-disk-name is independent disk name. The output for this command should look similar to the one below:

$ terraform import vcd_independent_disk.imported list@org-name.vdc-name.my-independent-disk-name
vcd_independent_disk.Disk_import: Importing from ID "list@org-name.vdc-name.my-independent-disk-name"...
Retrieving all disks by name
No  ID                                                      Name    Description Size
--  --                                                      ----    ------      ----
1  urn:vcloud:disk:1bbc273d-7701-4f06-97be-428b46b0805e     diskV2  loging      78946548
2  urn:vcloud:disk:6e1c996f-48b8-4e78-8111-a6407188d8b6     diskV2              5557452

Error: resource was not imported! resource id must be specified in one of these formats:
'org-name.vdc-name.my-independent-disk-id' to import by rule id
'list@org-name.vdc-name.my-independent-disk-name' to get a list of disks with their IDs

Now to import disk with ID urn:vcloud:disk:1bbc273d-7701-4f06-97be-428b46b0805e one could supply this command:

$ terraform import vcd_independent_disk.imported list@org-name.vdc-name.urn:vcloud:disk:1bbc273d-7701-4f06-97be-428b46b0805e