» vcd_catalog_media

Provides a vCloud Director media resource. This can be used to upload media to catalog and delete it.

Supported in provider v2.0+

» Example Usage

resource "vcd_catalog_media" "myNewMedia" {
  org     = "my-org"
  catalog = "my-catalog"

  name                 = "my iso"
  description          = "new os versions"
  media_path           = "/home/user/file.iso"
  upload_piece_size    = 10
  show_upload_progress = true

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • org - (Optional) The name of organization to use, optional if defined at provider level. Useful when connected as sysadmin working across different organisations
  • catalog - (Required) The name of the catalog where to upload media file
  • name - (Required) Media file name in catalog
  • description - (Optional) - Description of media file
  • media_path - (Required) - Absolute or relative path to file to upload
  • upload_piece_size - (Optional) - size in MB for splitting upload size. It can possibly impact upload performance. Default 1MB.
  • show_upload_progress - (Optional) - Default false. Allows to see upload progress