» vcd_network_direct

Provides a vCloud Director Org VDC Network data source directly connected to an external network. This can be used to reference internal networks for vApps to connect.

Supported in provider v2.5+

» Example Usage

data "vcd_network_direct" "net" {
  org  = "my-org"
  vdc  = "my-vdc"
  name = "my-net"

# Get the name of the external network from the data source
# and use it to establish a second data source
output "external_network" {
  value = data.vcd_network_direct.net.external_network

data "vcd_external_network" "external_network1" {
  name = "${data.vcd_network_direct.net.external_network}"

# From the second data source we extract the basic networking info
output "gateway" {
  value = data.vcd_external_network.external_network1.ip_scope.0.gateway
# equivalent to
output "external_network_gateway" {
  value = data.vcd_network_direct.net.external_network_gateway

output "netmask" {
  value = data.vcd_external_network.external_network1.ip_scope.0.netmask
# equivalent to
output "external_network_netmask" {
  value = data.vcd_network_direct.net.external_network_netmask

output "DNS" {
  value = data.vcd_external_network.external_network1.ip_scope.0.dns1
# equivalent to
output "external_network_dns" {
  value = data.vcd_network_direct.net.external_network_dns1

output "external_ip" {
  value = data.vcd_external_network.external_network1.ip_scope.0.static_ip_pool.0.start_address

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • org - (Optional) The name of organization to use, optional if defined at provider level.
  • vdc - (Optional) The name of VDC to use, optional if defined at provider level.
  • name - (Required) A unique name for the network (optional when filter is used)
  • filter - (Optional; 2.9+) Retrieves the data source using one or more filter parameters

» Attribute Reference

  • external_network - The name of the external network.
  • shared - Defines if this network is shared between multiple vDCs in the vOrg.

» Filter arguments

(Supported in provider v2.9+)

  • name_regex (Optional) matches the name using a regular expression.
  • ip (Optional) matches the IP of the resource using a regular expression.
  • metadata (Optional) One or more parameters that will match metadata contents.

See Filters reference for details and examples.