» vault_token

Provides a resource to generate a vault token with its options. The token renewing is supported through optional arguments.

» Example Usage

resource "vault_token" "example" {
  role_name = "app"

  policies = ["policy1", "policy2"]

  renewable = true
  ttl = "24h"

  renew_min_lease = 43200
  renew_increment = 86400

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • role_name - (Optional) The token role name

  • policies - (Optional) List of policies to attach to this token

  • no_parent - (Optional) Flag to create a token without parent

  • no_default_policy - (Optional) Flag to not attach the default policy to this token

  • renewable - (Optional) Flag to allow to renew this token

  • ttl - (Optional) The TTL period of this token

  • explicit_max_ttl - (Optional) The explicit max TTL of this token

  • display_name - (Optional) String containing the token display name

  • num_uses - (Optional) The number of allowed uses of this token

  • period - (Optional) The period of this token

  • renew_min_lease - (Optional) The minimal lease to renew this token

  • renew_increment - (Optional) The renew increment

» Attributes Reference

  • lease_duration - String containing the token lease duration if present in state file

  • lease_started - String containing the token lease started time if present in state file

  • client_token - String containing the client token if stored in present file

» Import

Tokens can be imported using its id as accessor id, e.g.

$ terraform import vault_token.example <accessor_id>