» vault_identity_oidc_key

Creates an Identity OIDC Named Key for Vault Identity secrets engine which is used by a role to sign identity tokens.

The Identity secrets engine is the identity management solution for Vault. It internally maintains the clients who are recognized by Vault.

Use this with vault_identity_oidc_key and vault_identity_oidc_key_allowed_client_id to configure a Role to generate Identity Tokens.

» Example Usage

resource "vault_identity_oidc_key" "key" {
  name      = "key"
  algorithm = "RS256"

resource "vault_identity_oidc_role" "role" {
  name = "role"
  key  = vault_identity_oidc_key.key.name

resource "vault_identity_oidc_key_allowed_client_id" "role" {
  key_name          = vault_identity_oidc_key.key.name
  allowed_client_id = vault_identity_oidc_role.role.client_id

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required; Forces new resource) Name of the OIDC Key to create.

  • rotation_period - (Optional) How often to generate a new signing key in number of seconds

  • verification_ttl - (Optional) "Controls how long the public portion of a signing key will be available for verification after being rotated in seconds.

  • algorithm - (Optional) Signing algorithm to use. Signing algorithm to use. Allowed values are: RS256 (default), RS384, RS512, ES256, ES384, ES512, EdDSA.

  • allowed_client_ids: Array of role client ID allowed to use this key for signing. If empty, no roles are allowed. If ["*"], all roles are allowed.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - The name of the created key.

» Import

The key can be imported with the key name, for example:

$ terraform import vault_identity_oidc_key.key key