» vault_github_team

Manages policy mappings for Github Teams authenticated via Github. See the Vault documentation for more information.

» Example Usage

resource "vault_github_auth_backend" "example" {
  organization = "myorg"

resource "vault_github_team" "tf_devs" {
  backend        = vault_github_auth_backend.example.id
  team           = "terraform-developers"
  token_policies = ["developer", "read-only"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • backend - (Required) Path where the github auth backend is mounted. Defaults to github if not specified.

  • team - (Required) GitHub team name in "slugified" format, for example: Terraform Developers -> terraform-developers.

» Common Token Arguments

These arguments are common across several Authentication Token resources since Vault 1.2.

  • token_ttl - (Optional) The incremental lifetime for generated tokens in number of seconds. Its current value will be referenced at renewal time.

  • token_max_ttl - (Optional) The maximum lifetime for generated tokens in number of seconds. Its current value will be referenced at renewal time.

  • token_policies - (Optional) List of policies to encode onto generated tokens. Depending on the auth method, this list may be supplemented by user/group/other values.

  • token_bound_cidrs - (Optional) List of CIDR blocks; if set, specifies blocks of IP addresses which can authenticate successfully, and ties the resulting token to these blocks as well.

  • token_explicit_max_ttl - (Optional) If set, will encode an explicit max TTL onto the token in number of seconds. This is a hard cap even if token_ttl and token_max_ttl would otherwise allow a renewal.

  • token_no_default_policy - (Optional) If set, the default policy will not be set on generated tokens; otherwise it will be added to the policies set in token_policies.

  • token_num_uses - (Optional) The period, if any, in number of seconds to set on the token.

  • token_type - (Optional) The type of token that should be generated. Can be service, batch, or default to use the mount's tuned default (which unless changed will be service tokens). For token store roles, there are two additional possibilities: default-service and default-batch which specify the type to return unless the client requests a different type at generation time.

» Deprecated Arguments

These arguments are deprecated since Vault 1.2 in favour of the common token arguments documented above.

  • policies - (Optional; Deprecated, use token_policies instead) An array of strings specifying the policies to be set on tokens issued using this role.

» Attributes Reference

No additional attributes are exported by this resource.

» Import

Github team mappings can be imported using the path, e.g.

$ terraform import vault_github_team.tf_devs auth/github/map/teams/terraform-developers