» tfe_team_access

Associate a team to permissions on a workspace.

» Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "tfe_team" "test" {
  name         = "my-team-name"
  organization = "my-org-name"

resource "tfe_workspace" "test" {
  name         = "my-workspace-name"
  organization = "my-org-name"

resource "tfe_team_access" "test" {
  access       = "read"
  team_id      = "${tfe_team.test.id}"
  workspace_id = "${tfe_workspace.test.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • access - (Required) Type of access to grant. Valid values are admin, read, plan, or write.
  • team_id - (Required) ID of the team to add to the workspace.
  • workspace_id - (Required) ID of the workspace to which the team will be added.

» Attributes Reference

  • id The team access ID.

» Import

Team accesses can be imported; use <ORGANIZATION NAME>/<WORKSPACE NAME>/<TEAM ACCESS ID> as the import ID. For example:

terraform import tfe_team_access.test my-org-name/my-workspace-name/tws-8S5wnRbRpogw6apb