» tfe_run_trigger

Terraform Cloud provides a way to connect your workspace to one or more workspaces within your organization, known as "source workspaces". These connections, called run triggers, allow runs to queue automatically in your workspace on successful apply of runs in any of the source workspaces. You can connect your workspace to up to 20 source workspaces.

» Example Usage

Basic usage:

resource "tfe_organization" "test-organization" {
  name  = "my-org-name"
  email = "admin@company.com"

resource "tfe_workspace" "test-workspace" {
  name         = "my-workspace-name"
  organization = "${tfe_organization.test-organization.id}"

resource "tfe_workspace" "test-sourceable" {
  name         = "my-sourceable-workspace-name"
  organization = "${tfe_organization.test-organization.id}"

resource "tfe_run_trigger" "test" {
  workspace_external_id = "${tfe_workspace.test-workspace.external_id}"
  sourceable_id         = "${tfe_workspace.test-sourceable.external_id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • workspace_external_id - (Required) The external id of the workspace that owns the run trigger. This is the workspace where runs will be triggered.
  • sourceable_id - (Required) The external id of the sourceable. The sourceable must be a workspace.

» Attributes Reference

  • id - The ID of the run trigger.

» Import

Run triggers can be imported; use <RUN TRIGGER ID> as the import ID. For example:

terraform import tfe_run_trigger.test rt-qV9JnKRkmtMa4zcA