» Terraform Enterprise Provider

The Terraform Enterprise provider is used to interact with the many resources supported by Terraform Enterprise. It supports both the SaaS version of Terraform Enterprise (app.terraform.io) and private instances.

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» Authentication

This provider requires a Terraform Enterprise API token in order to manage resources.

To manage the full selection of resources, provide a user token from an account with appropriate permissions. This user should belong to the "owners" team of every Terraform Enterprise organization you wish to manage.

There are two ways to provide the required token:

  • On the CLI, omit the token argument and set a credentials block in your CLI config file.
  • In a Terraform Enterprise workspace, set token in the provider configuration. Use an input variable for the token and mark the corresponding variable in the workspace as sensitive.

» Example Usage

# Configure the Terraform Enterprise Provider
provider "tfe" {
  hostname = "${var.hostname}"
  token    = "${var.token}"

# Create an organization
resource "tfe_organization" "org" {
  # ...

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • hostname - (Optional) The Terraform Enterprise hostname to connect to. Defaults to app.terraform.io.
  • token - (Optional) The token used to authenticate with Terraform Enterprise. Only set this argument when running in a Terraform Enterprise workspace; for CLI usage, omit the token from the configuration and set it as credentials in the CLI config file. See Authentication above for more.