» skytap_network

Provides a Skytap Network resource. Networks are not top-level elements of the Skytap API. Rather, they are elements properly contained within an environment. Operations on them are implicitly on the containing environment.

» Example Usage

# Create a new network
resource "skytap_network" "network" {
  environment_id = "123456"
  name = "my network"
  domain = "domain.com"
  subnet = ""
  gateway = ""
  tunnelable = true

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • environment_id - (Required, Force New) ID of the environment you want to attach the network to. If updating with a new one then the network will be recreated.
  • name - (Required) User-defined name of the network. Limited to 255 characters. UTF-8 character type.
  • domain - (Required) Domain name for the Skytap network. Limited to 64 characters.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id: The ID of the network.