» Resource: signalfx_jira_integration

SignalFx Jira integrations. For help with this integration see Integration with Jira.

» Example Usage

resource "signalfx_jira_integration" "jira_myteamXX" {
    name = "JiraFoo"
    enabled = false

    auth_method = "UsernameAndPassword"
    username = "yoosername"
    password = "paasword"

    # Or…
    auth_method = "EmailAndToken"
    user_email = "yoosername@example.com"
    api_token = "abc123"

    assignee_name = "testytesterson"
    assignee_display_name = "Testy Testerson"

    base_url = "https://www.example.com"
    issue_type = "Story"
    project_key = "TEST"

» Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) Name of the integration.
  • enabled - (Required) Whether the integration is enabled.
  • auth_method - (Required) Authentication method used when creating the Jira integration. One of EmailAndToken (using user_email and api_token) or UsernameAndPassword (using username and password).
  • api_token - (Required if auth_method is EmailAndToken) The API token for the user email
  • user_email - (Required if auth_method is EmailAndToken) Email address used to authenticate the Jira integration.
  • username - (Required if auth_method is UsernameAndPassword) User name used to authenticate the Jira integration.
  • password - (Required if auth_method is UsernameAndPassword) Password used to authenticate the Jira integration.
  • base_url - (Required) Base URL of the Jira instance that's integrated with SignalFx.
  • issue_type - (Required) Issue type (for example, Story) for tickets that Jira creates for detector notifications. SignalFx validates issue types, so you must specify a type that's valid for the Jira project specified in projectKey.
  • project_key - (Required) Jira key of an existing project. When Jira creates a new ticket for a detector notification, the ticket is assigned to this project.
  • assignee_name - (Required) Jira user name for the assignee.
  • assignee_display_name - (Optional) Jira display name for the assignee.