» selectel_vpc_role_v2

Manages a V2 role resource within Selectel VPC.

» Example Usage

resource "selectel_vpc_project_v2" "project_1" {
  auto_quotas = true

resource "selectel_vpc_user_v2" "user_1" {
  password    = "secret"

resource "selectel_vpc_role_v2" "role_tf_acc_test_1" {
  project_id = "${selectel_vpc_project_v2.project_1.id}"
  user_id    = "${selectel_vpc_user_v2.user_1.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project_id - (Required) An associated Selectel VPC project. Changing this creates a new role.

  • user_id - (Required) An associated Selectel VPC user. Changing this creates a new role.

» Attributes Reference

There are no additional attributes for this resource.

» Import

Roles can be imported by specifying project_id and user_id arguments, separated by a forward slash:

$ env SEL_TOKEN=SELECTEL_API_TOKEN terraform import selectel_vpc_role_v2.role_1 <project_id>/<user_id>