» scaleway_security_group_rule

DEPRECATED: This resource is deprecated and will be removed in v2.0+. Please use scaleway_instance_security_group_rule instead.

Provides security group rules. This allows security group rules to be created, updated and deleted. For additional details please refer to API documentation.

» Example Usage

resource "scaleway_security_group" "test" {
  name        = "test"
  description = "test"

resource "scaleway_security_group_rule" "smtp_drop_1" {
  security_group = scaleway_security_group.test.id

  action    = "accept"
  direction = "inbound"
  ip_range  = ""
  protocol  = "TCP"
  port      = 25

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • security_group - (Required) the security group which should be associated with this rule
  • action - (Required) action of rule (accept, drop)
  • direction - (Required) direction of rule (inbound, outbound)
  • ip_range - (Required) ip_range of rule
  • protocol - (Required) protocol of rule (ICMP, TCP, UDP)
  • port - (Optional) port of the rule

Fields action, direction, ip_range, protocol, port are editable.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - id of the new resource