» rightscale_security_group

Use this resource to create, update or destroy RightScale security groups.

» Example Usage - Create a security group

resource "rightscale_security_group" "us-oregon-devops-vpc-security-group" {
  name = "us-oregon-devops-vpc-sg"
  description = "AWS US Oregon vpc security group for devopery"
  cloud_href = "/api/clouds/6"
  network_href = "${rightscale_network.us-oregon-devops-vpc.href}"

output "us-oregon-devops-vpc-sg-href" {
  value = "${rightscale_security_group.us-oregon-devops-vpc-security-group.href}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • cloud_href - (Required) Href of the cloud you want to create the security group in.

  • network_href - (Required) Href of the network to create the security group in.

  • name - (Required) Security group name.

  • description - (Optional) Security group description.

  • deployment_href - (Optional) Href of the deployment that owns the security group. If you wish to use a deployment object as top level ownership construct, perhaps allocating the new security group to a single deployment, then provide this href.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • href - Href of the security group.

  • resource_uid - Cloud resource_uid.

  • links - Hrefs of related API resources.