» rightscale_instance

Use this resource to create, update or destroy RightScale instances.

» Example Usage : Basic configuration of an instance resource

resource "rightscale_instance" "an_instance" {
  cloud_href = "/api/clouds/6"
  image_href = "/api/clouds/6/images/3TRNL47PJB97N"
  instance_type_href = "/api/clouds/6/instance_types/8SCHNH0JBHE1R"
  deployment_href = "/api/deployments/934588004"
  name = "My Instance"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name of the instance.

  • cloud_href - (Required) The cloud_href the instance belongs to.

  • image_href - (Required) The href of the instance image.

  • instance_type_href - (Required) The href of the instance type.

  • server_template_href - (Optional) The href of the instance server template resource.

  • inputs - (Optional) Inputs associated with an instance when incarnated from a server or server_array.

  • associate_public_ip_address - (Optional) Indicates if the instance will get a Public IP address.

  • datacenter_href - (Optional) The href of the datacenter that holds the instance (e.g. /api/clouds/6/datacenters/6IHONC8ANOUHI).

  • deployment_href - (Optional) The href of the deployment that contains the instance (e.g. /api/deployments/594684003).

  • ip_forwarding_enabled - (Optional) Allows this Instance to send and receive network traffic when the source and destination IP addresses do not match the IP address of this Instance.

  • private_ip_address - (Optional) The private ip address of this instance.

  • kernel_image_href - (Optional) The href of the instance kernel image.

  • ramdisk_image_href - (Optional) The href of the instance ramdisk image.

  • security_group_hrefs - (Optional) The href of the instance security groups.

  • placement_group_href - (Optional) The href of the placement_group that contains the instance (e.g. /api/placement_groups/512SV3FUJA7OO).

  • ssh_key_href - (Optional) The href of the SSH key to use.

  • subnet_hrefs - (Optional) The hrefs of the instance subnet.

  • user_data - (Optional) User data that RightScale automatically passes to your instance at boot time.

  • locked - (Optional) Whether instance is locked, a locked instance cannot be terminated or deleted.

  • cloud_specific_attributes - (Optional) Attributes specific to the cloud the instance belongs to that have no specific rightscale abstraction. This block supports:

    • admin_username - The user that will be granted administrative privileges. Supported by AzureRM cloud only.
    • automatic_instance_store_mapping - A flag indicating whether instance store mapping should be enabled. Only available on clouds supporting automatic instance store mapping.
    • availability_set - Availability set for raw instance. Supported by Azure v2 cloud only.
    • create_boot_volume - If enabled, the instance will launch into volume storage. Otherwise, it will boot to local storage. Only available on clouds supporting this option.
    • create_default_port_forwarding_rules - Automatically create default port forwarding rules (enabled by default). Supported by Azure cloud only.
    • delete_boot_volume - If enabled, the associated volume will be deleted when the instance is terminated. Only available on clouds supporting this option.
    • disk_gb - The size of root disk. Supported by UCA cloud only.
    • ebs_optimized - Whether the instance is able to connect to IOPS-enabled volumes. AWS clouds only.
    • iam_instance_profile - The name or ARN of the IAM Instance Profile (IIP) to associate with the instance. AWS clouds only.
    • keep_alive_id - The id of keep alive. Supported by UCA cloud only.
    • local_ssd_count - Additional local SSDs. Supported by GCE cloud only.
    • local_ssd_interface - The type of SSD(s) to be created. Supported by GCE cloud only.
    • max_spot_price - Specify the max spot price you will pay for. Required when 'pricing_type' is 'spot'. Only applies to clouds which support spot-pricing and when 'spot' is chosen as the 'pricing_type'. Should be a Float value >= 0.001, eg: 0.095, 0.123, 1.23, etc... AWS clouds only.
    • memory_mb - The size of instance memory. Supported by UCA cloud only.
    • metadata" - Extra data used for configuration, in query string format. AWS clouds only.
    • num_cores - The number of instance cores. Supported by UCA cloud only.
    • placement_tenancy - The tenancy of the server you want to launch. A server with a tenancy of dedicated runs on single-tenant hardware and can only be launched into a VPC. AWS clouds only.
    • preemptible - Launch a preemptible instance. A preemptible instance costs much less, but lasts only 24 hours. It can be terminated sooner due to system demands. Supported by GCE cloud only.
    • pricing_type - Specify whether or not you want to utilize 'fixed' (on-demand) or 'spot' pricing. Defaults to 'fixed' and only applies to clouds which support spot instances. Can only be set on when creating a new Instance, Server, or ServerArray, or when updating a Server or ServerArray's next_instance. AWS clouds only.
    • root_volume_performance - The number of IOPS (I/O Operations Per Second) this root volume should support. Only available on clouds supporting performance provisioning.
    • root_volume_size - The size for root disk. Only available on clouds supporting dynamic resizing of root volume size.
    • root_volume_type_uid - The type of root volume for instance. Only available on clouds supporting root volume type.
    • service_account - Email of service account for instance. Scope will default to cloud-platform. Supported by GCE cloud only.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • links - Hrefs of related API resources

  • created_at - Datestamp of instance creation.

  • updated_at - Datestamp of when instance was updated last.

  • state - The state of the instance (operational, terminating, pending, stranded, etc.)

  • href - Href of the instance.

  • resource_uid - Cloud resource_uid as reported by cm platform.

  • public_ip_addresses - List of public IP addresses associated to the instance

  • private_ip_addresses - List of private IP addresses associated to the instance