» Pureport Cloud Platform Provider

» Example Usage

# Configure the Linode provider
provider "pureport" {
  api_key = "$SOME_KEY"
  api_secret = "$SOME_SECRET"

resource "pureport_account" "foobar" {
  # ...

» Configuration Reference

The following keys can be used to configure the provider.

  • api_key - (Optional) The Pureport API Key.

  • api_secret - (Optional) The Pureport API Secret. This is required when the api_key is specified.

  • api_url - (Optional) The Pureport REST API URL. (default: https://api.pureport.com)

  • auth_profile - (Optional) If you are using Pureport configuration files for authentication, you can use this to specified the profile that should be used to read the API Key and Secret.

The values above can also be configured via the Environment variables below:


» Pureport Guides

» Debugging

You can use the standard Terraform TF_LOG levels to configure the debug logging output by this provider.