» Data Source: pureport_google_cloud_connection

» Example Usage

data "pureport_google_cloud_connection" "basic" {
  connection_id = data.pureport_connections.main.connections.0.id

  filter {
    name = "Name"
    values = ["^My Conn*"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • connection_id - (Required) The ID of the connection. You should use the pureport_connections data source for querying the list of available connections and discover the ID for the connection.

  • filter - (Optional) A filter used to scope the list e.g. by tags.
    • name - (Required) The name of the filter. The valid values are defined in the Pureport SDK Model.
    • values - (Required) The value of the filter. Currently only regex strings are supported.

» Attributes

  • name - The name for the connection
  • location_href - HREF for the Pureport Location to attach the connection.
  • network_href - HREF for the network to associate the connection.
  • speed - The maximum QoS for this connection. Valid values are 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 10000 in Mbps.
  • primary_pairing_key - The pairing key for the primary Google Cloud Interconnect Attachment.
  • description - The description for the connection.
  • customer_networks - A list of named CIDR block to easily identify a customer network.
    • name - The name for the network.
    • address - The CIDR block for the network
  • billing_term - The billing term for the connection: (Currently only HOURLY is supported.)
  • high_availability - Whether a redundant gateway is/should be provisioned for this connection.
  • secodary_pairing_key - If HA is enabled, the pairing key for the backup Google Cloud Interconnect Attachment.
  • tags - A dictionary of user defined key/value pairs to associate with this resource.
  • nat_config - The Network Address Translation configuration for the connection.

    • enabled - Is NAT enabled for this connection.
    • mappings - List of NAT mapped CIDR address
      • native_cidr - (Required) The native CIDR block to map.
      • nat_cidr - The CIDR block use for NAT to the associated subnet.
    • blocks - List of reserved blocks for NAT.
    • pnat_cidr - CIDR use for PNAT between connections.
  • gateways - List of cloud gateways and their configurations.

    • name - The name of the cloud gateway.
    • description - The description of the cloud gateway.
    • availability_domain - The availability domain of the cloud gateway. The valid values are PRIMARY, SECONDARY.
    • customer_asn - The customer ASN used for BGP Peering.
    • customer_ip - The assigned IP address to the customer side of the BGP Config.
    • pureport_asn - The Pureport ASN used for BGP Peering.
    • pureport_ip - The assigned IP address to the Pureport side of the BGP Config.
    • bgp_password - The autogenerated BGP password used for authentication.
    • peering_subnet - The BGP Config subnet assigned to establish BGP peering.
    • public_nat_ip - N/A
    • remote_id - The ID of the Google Cloud Interconnect.
    • remote_id - The ID of the Google Cloud Interconnect.
    • vlan - The VLAN id for the connection to cloud services.

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