» Data Source: pureport_cloud_services

» Example Usage

data "pureport_cloud_services" "name_regex" {
  filter {
    name = "Name"
    values = [".*S3 us-west-2"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • filter - (Optional) A filter used to scope the list e.g. by tags.
    • name - (Required) The name of the filter. The valid values are defined in the Pureport SDK Model.
    • values - (Required) The value of the filter. Currently only regex strings are supported.

» Attributes

  • services - The found list of cloud provider services.

    • id - The unique identifier for the cloud service.
    • name - The display name for the cloud service.
    • provider - The cloud provider for the cloud service.
    • href - The unique path reference to the cloud service. This will be used by other resources to identify the service in most cases.
    • ipv4_prefix_count - The number of IPv4 prefixes associated with this cloud service.
    • ipv6_prefix_count - The number of IPv6 prefixes associated with this cloud service.
    • cloud_region_id - The identifier for the cloud service where this service is located.
    • tags - A dictionary of user defined key/value pairs associated with this resource.

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