» profitbricks_volume

Manages a volume on ProfitBricks.

» Example Usage

A primary volume will be created with the server. If there is a need for additional volumes, this resource handles it.

resource "profitbricks_volume" "example" {
  datacenter_id = "${profitbricks_datacenter.example.id}"
  server_id     = "${profitbricks_server.example.id}"
  image_name    = "${var.ubuntu}"
  size          = 5
  disk_type     = "HDD"
  ssh_key_path  = "${var.private_key_path}"
  bus           = "VIRTIO"

» Argument reference

  • datacenter_id - (Required)[string] The ID of a Virtual Data Center.
  • server_id - (Required)[string] The ID of a server.
  • disk_type - (Required)[string] The volume type: HDD or SSD.
  • bus - (Required)[Boolean] The bus type of the volume: VIRTIO or IDE.
  • size - (Required)[integer] The size of the volume in GB.
  • ssh_key_path - (Required)[list] List of paths to files containing a public SSH key that will be injected into ProfitBricks provided Linux images. Required for ProfitBricks Linux images. Required if image_password is not provided.
  • sshkey - (Computed) The associated public SSH key.
  • image_password - [string] Required if sshkey_path is not provided.
  • image_name - [string] The image or snapshot UUID. May also be an image alias. It is required if licence_type is not provided.
  • licence_type - [string] Required if image_name is not provided.
  • name - (Optional)[string] The name of the volume.
  • availability_zone - (Optional)[string] The storage availability zone assigned to the volume: AUTO, ZONE_1, ZONE_2, or ZONE_3.