» PowerDNS Provider

The PowerDNS provider is used manipulate DNS records supported by PowerDNS server. The provider needs to be configured with the proper credentials before it can be used. It supports both the legacy API and the new version 1 API, however resources may need to be configured differently.

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» Example Usage

# Configure the PowerDNS provider
provider "powerdns" {
  api_key    = "${var.pdns_api_key}"
  server_url = "${var.pdns_server_url}"

# Create a record
resource "powerdns_record" "www" {
  # ...

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • api_key - (Required) The PowerDNS API key. This can also be specified with PDNS_API_KEY environment variable.
  • server_url - (Required) The address of PowerDNS server. This can also be specified with PDNS_SERVER_URL environment variable. When no schema is provided, the default is https.
  • ca_certificate - (Optional) A valid path of a Root CA Certificate in PEM format or the content of a Root CA certificate in PEM format. This can also be specified with PDNS_CACERT environment variable.
  • insecure_https - (Optional) Set this to true to disable verification of the PowerDNS server's TLS certificate. This can also be specified with the PDNS_INSECURE_HTTPS environment variable.