» panos_panorama_bgp

This resource allows you to add/update/delete a Panorama virtual router BGP configuration.

Important Note: When it comes to BGP configuration, PAN-OS requires that BGP itself first be configured before you can add other BGP sub-config, such as dampening profiles or peer groups. Since every BGP resource must reference a virtual router, the key to accomplishing this is by pointing the virtual_router param for each BGP sub-config to panos_panorama_bgp.foo.virtual_router instead of panos_panorama_virtual_router.bar.name.

» Import Name


» Example Usage

resource "panos_panorama_bgp" "example" {
    template = "${panos_panorama_template.t.name}"
    virtual_router = "${panos_panorama_virtual_router.rtr.name}"
    router_id = ""
    as_number = "42"

resource "panos_panorama_template" "t" {
    name = "myTemplate"

resource "panos_panorama_virtual_router" "rtr" {
    template = "${panos_panorama_template.t.name}"
    name = "my virtual router"

» Argument Reference

One and only one of the following must be specified:

The following arguments are supported: