» packet_volume_attachment

Provides attachment of Packet Block Storage Volume to Devices.

Device and volume must be in the same location (facility).

Once attached by Terraform, they must then be mounted using the packet-block-storage-attach and packet-block-storage-detach scripts, which are presinstalled on most OS images. They can also be found in https://github.com/packethost/packet-block-storage.

» Example Usage

Follwing example will create a device, a volume, and then it will attach the volume to the device over the API.

resource "packet_device" "test_device_va" {
  hostname         = "terraform-test-device-va"
  plan             = "t1.small.x86"
  facilities       = ["ewr1"]
  operating_system = "ubuntu_16_04"
  billing_cycle    = "hourly"
  project_id       = local.project_id

resource "packet_volume" "test_volume_va" {
  plan = "storage_1"
  billing_cycle = "hourly"
  size = 100
  project_id = local.project_id
  facility = "ewr1"
  snapshot_policies = { snapshot_frequency = "1day", snapshot_count = 7 }

resource "packet_volume_attachment" "test_volume_attachment" {
  device_id = packet_device.test_device_va.id
  volume_id = packet_volume.test_volume_va.id

After applying above hcl, in order to use the volume in the OS of the device, you need to run the attach script. You can run packet-block-storage-attach manually over SSH, or you can extend the hcl with following snippet to attach it over remote-exec with Terraform.

resource "null_resource" "run_attach_scripts" {
  // re-run the attachment script if any of these resources change
  triggers = {
    device_id = packet_device.test_device_va.id
    volume_id = packet_volume.test_volume_va.id
  connection {
    type     = "ssh"
    user     = "root"
    private_key = file("/home/user/.ssh/id.dsa")
    host     = packet_device.test_device_va.access_public_ipv4
  provisioner "remote-exec" {
    // run the attach script twice for larger chance of success
    inline = [
  depends_on = [packet_volume_attachment.test_volume_attachment]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • volume_id - (Required) The ID of the volume to attach
  • device_id - (Required) The ID of the device to which the volume should be attached

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The unique ID of the volume attachment