» packet_project

Provides a Packet project resource to allow you manage devices in your projects.

» Example Usage

# Create a new project
resource "packet_project" "tf_project_1" {
  name           = "Terraform Fun"

Example with BGP config

# Create a new Project
resource "packet_project" "tf_project_1" {
  name           = "tftest"
  bgp_config {
    deployment_type = "local"
    md5 = "C179c28c41a85b"
    asn = 65000

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name of the project
  • organization_id - The UUID of organization under which you want to create the project. If you leave it out, the project will be create under your the default organization of your account.
  • payment_method_id - The UUID of payment method for this project. The payment method and the project need to belong to the same organization (passed with organization_id, or default).
  • backend_transfer - Enable or disable Backend Transfer, default is false
  • bgp_config - Optional BGP settings. Refer to Packet guide for BGP.

Once you set the BGP config in a project, it can't be removed (due to a limitation in the Packet API). It can be updated.

The bgp_config block supports:

  • asn - Autonomous System Number for local BGP deployment
  • md5 - (Optional) Password for BGP session in plaintext (not a checksum)
  • deployment_type - private or public, the private is likely to be usable immediately, the public will need to be review by Packet engineers

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The unique ID of the project
  • payment_method_id - The UUID of payment method for this project.
  • organization_id - The UUID of this project's parent organization.
  • backend_transfer - Whether Backend Transfer is enabled for this project.
  • created - The timestamp for when the project was created
  • updated - The timestamp for the last time the project was updated

The bgp_config block additionally exports:

  • status - status of BGP configuration in the project
  • max_prefix - The maximum number of route filters allowed per server