» packet_device_bgp_neighbors

Use this datasource to retrieve list of BGP neighbors of a device in the Packet host.

To have any BGP neighbors listed, the device must be in BGP-enabled project and have a BGP session assigned.

To learn more about using BGP in Packet, see the packet_bgp_session resource documentation.

» Example Usage

# Get Project by name and print UUIDs of its users

data "packet_device_bgp_neighbors" "test" {
  device_id  = "4c641195-25e5-4c3c-b2b7-4cd7a42c7b40"

output "bgp_neighbors_listing" {
  value = data.packet_device_bgp_neighbors.test.bgp_neighbors

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • device_id - UUID of BGP-enabled device whose neighbors to list

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • bgp_neighbors - array of BGP neighbor records with attributes:
    • address_family - IP address version, 4 or 6
    • customer_as - Local autonomous system number
    • customer_ip - Local used peer IP address
    • md5_enabled - Whether BGP session is password enabled
    • md5_password - BGP session password in plaintext (not a checksum)
    • multihop - Whether the neighbor is in EBGP multihop session
    • peer_as - Peer AS number (different than customer_as for EBGP)
    • peer_ips - Array of IP addresses of this neighbor's peers
    • routes_in - Array of incoming routes. Each route has attributes:
      • route - CIDR expression of route (ip/mask)
      • exact - (bool) Whether the route is exact
    • routes_out - Array of outgoing routes in the same format