» ovh_iploadbalancing_http_route

Manage http route for a loadbalancer service

» Example Usage

Route which redirect all url to https.

resource "ovh_iploadbalancing_http_route" "httpsredirect" {
  service_name = "loadbalancer-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  display_name = "Redirect to HTTPS"
  weight = 1

  action {
    status = 302
    target = "https://$${host}$${path}$${arguments}"
    type = "redirect"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • service_name - (Required) The internal name of your IP load balancing
  • display_name - Human readable name for your route, this field is for you
  • weight - Route priority ([0..255]). 0 if null. Highest priority routes are evaluated first. Only the first matching route will trigger an action
  • action.status - HTTP status code for "redirect" and "reject" actions
  • action.target - Farm ID for "farm" action type or URL template for "redirect" action. You may use ${uri}, ${protocol}, ${host}, ${port} and ${path} variables in redirect target
  • action.type - (Required) Action to trigger if all the rules of this route matches
  • frontend_id - Route traffic for this frontend

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: