» oraclepaas_mysql_access_rule

» Example Usage

resource "oraclepaas_mysql_service_instance" "default" {

resource "oraclepass_mysql_access_rule" "myrule" {
    service_instance_id = "${oraclepaas_mysql_service_instance.default.id}"
    name                = "My Access Rule"
    description         = "My Simple Access Rule"
    protocol            = "tcp"
    ports               = "8000"
    source              = ""
    destination         = "mysql_MASTER"
    enabled             = true

» Argument Reference

  • service_instance_id - (Required) The name of MySQL instance to attach the access rule to.

  • name - (Required) Name of the rule.

  • description - (Optional) Description of the rule.

  • protocol - (Optional) Communication protocol for the rule. For example, tcp.

  • ports - (Required) Ports for the rule. This can be a single port or a port range.

  • source - (Required) The hosts from which traffic is allowed. For example, PUBLIC-INTERNET for any host on the Internet, a single IP address or a comma-separated list of subnets (in CIDR format) or IPv4 addresses.

  • destination - (Required) The service component to allow traffic to. For example, mysql_MASTER.

  • enabled - (Optional) Determines whether the access rule is enabled. Valid values are true and false. The Default is true.