» oraclepaas_database_service_instance

Use this data source to access the configuration of a Database Service Instance

» Example Usage

data "oraclepaas_database_service_instance" "foo" {
  name = "database-service-instance-1"

output "region" {
  value = "${data.oraclepaas_database_service_instance.foo.region}"

» Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) The name of the Database Service Instance

» Attributes Reference

  • apex_url - The URL to use to connect to Oracle Application Express on the service instance.
  • availability_domain - Name of the availability domain within the region where the Oracle Database Cloud Service instance is provisioned.
  • backup_destination- The backup configuration of the service instance.
  • character_set - The database character set of the database.
  • cloud_storage_container - The Oracle Storage Cloud container for backups.
  • compute_site_name - The Oracle Cloud location housing the service instance.
  • description - The description of the service instance.
  • edition - The software edition of the service instance.
  • enterprise_manager_url - The URL to use to connect to Enterprise Manager on the service instance.
  • failover_database - Indicates whether the service instance hosts an Oracle Data Guard configuration.
  • glassfish_url - The URL to use to connect to the Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Console on the service instance.
  • hybrid_disaster_recovery_ip - Data Guard Role of the on-premise instance in Oracle Hybrid Disaster Recovery configuration.
  • identity_domain - The identity domain housing the service instance.
  • ip_network - The three-part name of an IP network to which the service instance is added.
  • ip_reservations - Groups one or more IP reservations in use on this service instance.
  • bring_your_own_license - Indicates whether service instance was provisioned with the 'Bring Your Own License' option.
  • level - The service level of the service instance.
  • listener_port - The listener port for Oracle Net Services (SQL*Net) connections.
  • monitor_url - The URL to use to connect to Oracle DBaaS Monitor on the service instance.
  • national_character_set - The national character set of the database.
  • pluggable_database_name - The name of the default PDB (pluggable database) created when the service instance was created.
  • region - Location where the service instance is provisioned.
  • shape - The Oracle Compute Cloud shape of the service instance.
  • high_performance_storage - Indicates whether the service instance was provisioned with high performance storage.
  • uri - The REST endpoint URI of the service instance.
  • version - The Oracle Database version on the service instance.