» openstack_networking_qos_dscp_marking_rule_v2

Manages a V2 Neutron QoS DSCP marking rule resource within OpenStack.

» Example Usage

» Create a QoS Policy with some DSCP marking rule

resource "openstack_networking_qos_policy_v2" "qos_policy_1" {
  name        = "qos_policy_1"
  description = "dscp_mark"

resource "openstack_networking_qos_dscp_marking_rule_v2" "dscp_marking_rule_1" {
  qos_policy_id = "${openstack_networking_qos_policy_v2.qos_policy_1.id}"
  dscp_mark     = 26

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • region - (Optional) The region in which to obtain the V2 Networking client. A Networking client is needed to create a Neutron QoS DSCP marking rule. If omitted, the region argument of the provider is used. Changing this creates a new QoS DSCP marking rule.

  • qos_policy_id - (Required) The QoS policy reference. Changing this creates a new QoS DSCP marking rule.

  • dscp_mark - (Required) The value of DSCP mark. Changing this updates the DSCP mark value existing QoS DSCP marking rule.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

» Import

QoS DSCP marking rules can be imported using the qos_policy_id/dscp_marking_rule_id format, e.g.

$ terraform import openstack_networking_qos_dscp_marking_rule_v2.dscp_marking_rule_1 d6ae28ce-fcb5-4180-aa62-d260a27e09ae/46dfb556-b92f-48ce-94c5-9a9e2140de94