» openstack_networking_port_v2

Use this data source to get the ID of an available OpenStack port.

» Example Usage

data "openstack_networking_port_v2" "port_1" {
  name = "port_1"

» Argument Reference

  • region - (Optional) The region in which to obtain the V2 Neutron client. A Neutron client is needed to retrieve port ids. If omitted, the region argument of the provider is used.

  • project_id - (Optional) The owner of the port.

  • port_id - (Optional) The ID of the port.

  • name - (Optional) The name of the port.

  • description - (Optional) Human-readable description of the port.

  • admin_state_up - (Optional) The administrative state of the port.

  • network_id - (Optional) The ID of the network the port belongs to.

  • device_owner - (Optional) The device owner of the port.

  • mac_address - (Optional) The MAC address of the port.

  • device_id - (Optional) The ID of the device the port belongs to.

  • fixed_ip - (Optional) The port IP address filter.

  • status - (Optional) The status of the port.

  • security_group_ids - (Optional) The list of port security group IDs to filter.

  • tags - (Optional) The list of port tags to filter.

  • dns_name - (Optional) The port DNS name to filter. Available, when Neutron DNS extension is enabled.

» Attributes Reference

id is set to the ID of the found port. In addition, the following attributes are exported:

  • region - See Argument Reference above.

  • project_id - See Argument Reference above.

  • port_id - See Argument Reference above.

  • name - See Argument Reference above.

  • description - See Argument Reference above.

  • admin_state_up - See Argument Reference above.

  • network_id - See Argument Reference above.

  • device_owner - See Argument Reference above.

  • mac_address - See Argument Reference above.

  • device_id - See Argument Reference above.

  • allowed_address_pairs - An IP/MAC Address pair of additional IP addresses that can be active on this port. The structure is described below.

  • all_fixed_ips - The collection of Fixed IP addresses on the port in the order returned by the Network v2 API.

  • all_security_group_ids - The set of security group IDs applied on the port.

  • all_tags - The set of string tags applied on the port.

  • extra_dhcp_option - An extra DHCP option configured on the port. The structure is described below.

  • binding - The port binding information. The structure is described below.

  • dns_name - See Argument Reference above.

  • dns_assignment - The list of maps representing port DNS assignments.

The allowed_address_pairs attribute has fields below:

The extra_dhcp_option attribute has fields below:

  • name - Name of the DHCP option.

  • value - Value of the DHCP option.

  • ip_version - IP protocol version

The binding attribute has fields below:

  • host_id - The ID of the host, which has the allocatee port.

  • profile - A JSON string containing the binding profile information.

  • vnic_type - VNIC type for the port.

  • vif_details - A map of JSON strings containing additional details for this specific binding.

  • vif_type - The VNIC type of the port binding.