» opc_compute_image_list_entry

The opc_compute_image_list_entry resource creates and manages an Image List Entry in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic identity domain.

» Example Usage

resource "opc_compute_image_list" "test" {
  name        = "imagelist1"
  description = "This is a description of the Image List"
  default     = 21

resource "opc_compute_image_list_entry" "test" {
  name           = "${opc_compute_image_list.test.name}"
  machine_images = [ "/oracle/public/oel_6.7_apaas_16.4.5_1610211300" ]
  version        = 1
  attributes     = <<JSON
  "foo": "bar"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name of the Image List.

  • machine_images - (Required) An array of machine images.

  • version - (Required) The unique version of the image list entry, as an integer.

  • attributes - (Optional) JSON String of optional data that will be passed to an instance of this machine image when it is launched.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the above arguments, the following attributes are exported

  • uri - The Unique Resource Identifier for the Image List Entry.

» Import

Image List's can be imported using the Name of the Image List, along with the Version of the Image List Entry, delimited via the | character, e.g.

$ terraform import opc_compute_image_list_entry.entry1 my_image_list|2