» opc_compute_storage_volume_snapshot

Use this data source to access the configuration of a storage volume snapshot.

» Example Usage

data "opc_compute_storage_volume_snapshot" "foo" {
  name = "my-storage-volume/my-storage-volume-snapshot-name"

» Argument Reference

  • name is the name of the storage volume snapshot.

» Attributes Reference

  • account - Account of the snapshot.
  • collocated - Boolean specifying whether the snapshot is collocated or remote.
  • description - The description of the storage volume snapshot.
  • machine_image_name - The name of the machine image that's used in the boot volume from which this snapshot is taken.
  • parent_volume_bootable - Boolean specifying whether or not the snapshot's parent volume was bootable.
  • property - Where the snapshot is stored, whether collocated, or in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service instance.
  • platform - The OS platform this snapshot is compatible with
  • size - The size of the snapshot in GB.
  • snapshot_timestamp - Timestamp of the storage snapshot, generated by storage server. The snapshot will contain data written to the original volume before this time.
  • snapshot_id - The Oracle ID of the snapshot.
  • start_timestamp - Timestamp when the snapshot was started.
  • status - Status of the snapshot.
  • status_detail - Details about the latest state of the storage volume snapshot.
  • status_timestamp - Indicates the time that the current view of the storage volume snapshot was generated.
  • tags - Comma-separated strings that tag the storage volume.
  • uri - Uniform Resource Identifier
  • volume_name - The name of the storage volume that the snapshot was created from