» opc_compute_machine_image

Use this data source to access the configuration of an Machine Image.

» Example Usage

data "opc_compute_machine_image" "foo" {
  account = "/Compute-${var.domain}/cloud_storage"
  name = "Microsoft_Windows_Server_2012_R2"

output "attributes" {
  value = "${data.opc_compute_machine_image.foo.attributes}"

» Argument Reference

  • account - (Required) The two part name of the compute object storage account in the format /Compute-{identity_domain}/cloud_storage

  • name - (Required) The name of the Machine Image.

» Attributes Reference

  • file - The name of the Machine Image .tar.gz file in the compute_images storage container.

  • description - A description of the Machine Image.

  • attributes - An optional JSON object of arbitrary attributes to be made available to the instance. These are user-defined tags. After defining attributes, you can view them from within an instance at

  • error_reason - Description of the state of the machine image if there is an error.

  • hypervisor - Dictionary of hypervisor-specific attributes.

  • image_format - The format of the image.

  • platform - The OS platform of the image.

  • state - The state of the uploaded machine image.

  • uri - The Uniform Resource Identifier for the Machine Image.