» oci_metering_computation_usage

This resource provides the Usage resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Metering Computation service.

Returns the usage for the given account

» Example Usage

resource "oci_metering_computation_usage" "test_usage" {
    granularity = "${var.usage_granularity}"
    tenant_id = "${oci_metering_computation_tenant.test_tenant.id}"
    time_usage_ended = "${var.usage_time_usage_ended}"
    time_usage_started = "${var.usage_time_usage_started}"

    compartment_depth = "${var.usage_compartment_depth}"
    filter = "${var.usage_filter}"
    group_by = "${var.usage_group_by}"
    query_type = "${var.usage_query_type}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • compartment_depth - (Optional) The depth level of the compartment.
  • filter - (Optional)
  • granularity - (Required) The granularity of the usage. HOURLY - Hourly aggregation of data DAILY - Daily aggregation of data MONTHLY - Monthly aggregation of data TOTAL - Not Supported Yet
  • group_by - (Optional) Aggregate the result by. example: ["service"]
  • query_type - (Optional) The type of query of the usage. Usage - Query the usage data. Cost - Query the cost / billing data.
  • tenant_id - (Required) tenant id
  • time_usage_ended - (Required) The end time of the usage.
  • time_usage_started - (Required) The start time of the usage.

** IMPORTANT ** Any change to a property that does not support update will force the destruction and recreation of the resource with the new property values

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

» Import

Import is not supported for this resource.