» Not Authenticated Error when configuring Terraform

If the Terraform CLI gives an error message like:

* oci_core_vcn.resource1: Service error:NotAuthenticated. The required information to complete authentication was not provided or was incorrect.. http status code: 401

  • Verify you have properly set user_ocid, tenancy_ocid, fingerprint and private_key_path
  • Verify your private_key_path is pointing to your private key and not the corresponding public key
  • Verify you have added the corresponding public key to the user account you have specified with user_ocid
  • Verify the public/private key pairs you are using are of the correct format
    • see: Required Keys for details on the correct format and how to generate keys
  • Verify the user account is part of a group with the appropriate permissions to perform the actions in the plan you are executing
  • Verify your Tenancy has been subscribed to the Region you are targeting in your plan

» Error message after upgrading OCI Terraform Provider

If the Terraform CLI gives an error message like:

Error asking for user input: 1 error(s) occurred:

* provider.oci: dial unix /var/folders/6r/8fk5dmbj4_z3sl0mc_y_fhjw0000gn/T/plugin811254328|netrpc: connect: no such file or directory

You are likely using a version of the OCI Terraform Provider that is not compatible with the Terraform binary you have installed. For OCI Provider versions v3.x.x and above, a minimum Terraform version of v.0.10.1 is required.

» Dial tcp i/o timeout when connecting via proxy

If the Terraform CLI gives an error message like:

* provider.oci: ... dial tcp i/o timeout

Then you may not have properly configured your proxy settings. The OCI terraform provider does support http_proxy, https_proxy and no_proxy variables where the inclusion or exclusion lists can be defined as follows:

export http_proxy=http://www.your-proxy.com:80/
export https_proxy=http://www.your-proxy.com:80/
export no_proxy=localhost,

» Verbose logging for OCI Terraform Provider

To get verbose console output when the provider is running, precede your Terraform command with the TF_LOG and OCI_GO_SDK_DEBUG flags:

TF_LOG=DEBUG OCI_GO_SDK_DEBUG=v terraform plan

The tf_log level and OCI_GO_SDK_DEBUG flags can also be set as environment variables.