» Managing Default Virtual Cloud Network Resources

When you create an oci_core_vcn resource, it will also create the following associated resources by default.

These default resources will be implicitly created even if they are not specified in the Terraform configuration. Their OCIDs are returned by the following attributes under the oci_core_vcn resource:

Default resources must be configured in Terraform using a separate resource type. Here are the mappings between the resource and the new resource type to use for configuring default resources: - oci_core_security_list => oci_core_default_security_list - oci_core_dhcp_options => oci_core_default_dhcp_options - oci_core_route_table => oci_core_default_route_table

Default resources types are configured in the same way as their non-default counterparts. The only difference is specifying the ID of the default resource using the manage_default_resource_id argument.

Consequently, the compartment_id and vcn_id are no longer necessary for default resources.

» Example Usage

» Modifying a VCN's default DHCP options

resource "oci_core_vcn" "vcn1" {
  cidr_block = ""
  dns_label = "vcn1"
  compartment_id = "${var.compartment_ocid}"
  display_name = "vcn1"

resource "oci_core_default_dhcp_options" "default-dhcp-options" {
  manage_default_resource_id = "${oci_core_vcn.vcn1.default_dhcp_options_id}"

  // required
  options {
    type = "DomainNameServer"
    server_type = "VcnLocalPlusInternet"

  // optional
  options {
    type = "SearchDomain"
    search_domain_names = [ "abc.com" ]

» Limitations

Default resources can only be removed when the associated oci_core_vcn resource is removed. When attempting a targeted removal of a default resource, the resource will be removed from the Terraform state file but the resource may still exist in OCI with empty settings.

Examples of targeted removal include:

  • Removing a default resource from a Terraform configuration that was previously applied
  • Running a terraform destroy -target=<default resource> command
  • Changing the manage_default_resource_id for a default resource that was previously applied