» OCI Terraform Provider Deprecation Guide

This guide covers the list of resources and data sources that have been marked deprecated and their respective suggested replacements, if any.

Resources and Data Sources marked for deprecation will be warned during Terraform plan and apply operations.

Resources on path to deprecation may stop working in future, use the respective guide, if available, on how to migrate using the new replacements.

» Deprecated Resources and Data Sources

Resources that have a migration path have deprecation guides available on how to rename and migrate them to their new replacements.

Data Sources do not have deprecation guide as one should be able to directly replace them in their Terraform configuration and refresh the state.

Legend: How to use deprecation table below:

Column Details
Version Provider version in which said resource or data source was marked deprecated
Type Type of the deprecated resource or data source
Old Deprecated Resource Name Deprecated resource or data source name
New Resource Name New resource or data source name that will provide the same functionality
Migration? If migration is possible to the new resource through Terraform state import
Guide Link to deprecation guide on how to rename and migrate to new resource, if applicable

IMPORTANT: Before executing any deprecation guide, please ensure that you have backed up your Terraform state file to avoid any data loss.

Version Type Old Deprecated Resource Name New Resource Name Migration? Guide
3.18 Resource oci_autonomous_data_warehouse oci_autonomous_database Yes Link
3.18 Data Source oci_autonomous_data_warehouse oci_autonomous_database N/A N/A
3.18 Data Source oci_autonomous_data_warehouses oci_autonomous_databases N/A N/A
3.18 Resource oci_autonomous_data_warehouse_backup oci_autonomous_database_backup Yes Link
3.18 Data Source oci_autonomous_data_warehouse_backup oci_autonomous_database_backup N/A N/A
3.18 Data Source oci_autonomous_data_warehouse_backups oci_autonomous_database_backups N/A N/A
2.1.12 Resource oci_swift_password oci_identity_auth_token No N/A
2.1.12 Data Source oci_swift_passwords oci_identity_auth_tokens N/A N/A

» Deprecated Fields

Deprecation notices including for fields can be found in any of the previously released CHANGELOG. Deprecated fields will be shown as deprecated during Terraform plan and apply operations.

» Deprecation Message Examples

  • Resource - The 'oci_autonomous_data_warehouse' resource has been deprecated. Please use 'oci_autonomous_database' instead.
  • Fields - The 'size_in_mbs' field has been deprecated. Please use 'size_in_gbs' instead.