» Data Source: oci_marketplace_listing_package

This data source provides details about a specific Listing Package resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace service.

Get the details of the specified version of a package, including information needed to launch the package.

If you plan to launch an instance from an image listing, you must first subscribe to the listing. When you launch the instance, you also need to provide the image ID of the listing resource version that you want.

Subscribing to the listing requires you to first get a signature from the terms of use agreement for the listing resource version. To get the signature, issue a GetAppCatalogListingAgreements API call. The AppCatalogListingResourceVersionAgreements object, including its signature, is returned in the response. With the signature for the terms of use agreement for the desired listing resource version, create a subscription by issuing a CreateAppCatalogSubscription API call.

To get the image ID to launch an instance, issue a GetAppCatalogListingResourceVersion API call. Lastly, to launch the instance, use the image ID of the listing resource version to issue a LaunchInstance API call.

» Example Usage

data "oci_marketplace_listing_package" "test_listing_package" {
    listing_id = "${oci_marketplace_listing.test_listing.id}"
    package_version = "${var.listing_package_package_version}"

    compartment_id = "${var.compartment_id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • compartment_id - (Optional) The unique identifier for the compartment.
  • listing_id - (Required) The unique identifier for the listing.
  • package_version - (Required) The version of the package. Package versions are unique within a listing.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • app_catalog_listing_id - The ID of the listing resource associated with this listing package. For more information, see AppCatalogListing in the Core Services API.
  • app_catalog_listing_resource_version - The resource version of the listing resource associated with this listing package.
  • description - Description of this package.
  • image_id - The id of the image corresponding to the package.
  • listing_id - The id of the listing the specified package belongs to.
  • package_type - The specified package's type.
  • pricing -
    • currency - The currency of the pricing model.
    • pay_go_strategy - The type of pricing for a PAYGO model, eg PER_OCPU_LINEAR, PER_OCPU_MIN_BILLING, PER_INSTANCE. Null if type is not PAYGO.
    • rate - The pricing rate.
    • type - The type of the pricing model.
  • regions - The regions where the listing is available.
    • code - The code of the region.
    • countries - Countries in the region.
      • code - A code assigned to the item.
      • name - The name of the item.
    • name - The name of the region.
  • resource_id - The unique identifier for the package resource.
  • resource_link - Link to the orchestration resource.
  • time_created - The date and time this listing package was created, expressed in RFC 3339 timestamp format. Example: 2016-08-25T21:10:29.600Z
  • variables - List of variables for the orchestration resource.
  • version - The package version.