» Data Source: oci_database_vm_cluster_patch_history_entry

This data source provides details about a specific Vm Cluster Patch History Entry resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service.

Gets the patch history details for the specified patchHistoryEntryId.

» Example Usage

data "oci_database_vm_cluster_patch_history_entry" "test_vm_cluster_patch_history_entry" {
    patch_history_entry_id = "${oci_database_patch_history_entry.test_patch_history_entry.id}"
    vm_cluster_id = "${oci_database_vm_cluster.test_vm_cluster.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • action - The action being performed or was completed.
  • id - The OCID of the patch history entry.
  • lifecycle_details - A descriptive text associated with the lifecycleState. Typically contains additional displayable text.
  • patch_id - The OCID of the patch.
  • state - The current state of the action.
  • time_ended - The date and time when the patch action completed.
  • time_started - The date and time when the patch action started.