» Data Source: oci_core_dedicated_vm_host

This data source provides details about a specific Dedicated Vm Host resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Core service.

Gets information about the specified dedicated virtual machine host.

» Example Usage

data "oci_core_dedicated_vm_host" "test_dedicated_vm_host" {
    dedicated_vm_host_id = "${oci_core_dedicated_vm_host.test_dedicated_vm_host.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • availability_domain - The availability domain the dedicated virtual machine host is running in. Example: Uocm:PHX-AD-1
  • compartment_id - The OCID of the compartment that contains the dedicated virtual machine host.
  • dedicated_vm_host_shape - The dedicated virtual machine host shape. The shape determines the number of CPUs and other resources available for VMs.
  • defined_tags - Defined tags for this resource. Each key is predefined and scoped to a namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags. Example: {"Operations.CostCenter": "42"}
  • display_name - A user-friendly name. Does not have to be unique, and it's changeable. Avoid entering confidential information. Example: My Dedicated Vm Host
  • fault_domain - The fault domain for the dedicated virtual machine host's assigned instances. For more information, see Fault Domains.

    If you do not specify the fault domain, the system selects one for you. To change the fault domain for a dedicated virtual machine host, delete it, and then create a new dedicated virtual machine host in the preferred fault domain.

    To get a list of fault domains, use the ListFaultDomains operation in the Identity and Access Management Service API.

    Example: FAULT-DOMAIN-1

  • freeform_tags - Free-form tags for this resource. Each tag is a simple key-value pair with no predefined name, type, or namespace. For more information, see Resource Tags. Example: {"Department": "Finance"}

  • id - The OCID of the dedicated VM host.

  • remaining_ocpus - The current available OCPUs of the dedicated VM host.

  • state - The current state of the dedicated VM host.

  • time_created - The date and time the dedicated VM host was created, in the format defined by RFC3339. Example: 2016-08-25T21:10:29.600Z

  • total_ocpus - The current total OCPUs of the dedicated VM host.